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Posted by umojarecords on October 24, 2009 at 1:06 PM


Just about every musician who has ever heard of MySpace are now using the web to get their music out there.

 With advent of social networking sites, download sites for unsigned musicians, YouTube and other video-sharing sites,

iTunes and Napster, it is now possible for musicians to side-step the big dogs and distribute their own music (whether that be at a price or not) to anyone or everyone who might want to hear it, without the help (or hindrance) of a big record label.

 These are amazing times. You can easily record a track, even make a video, write yourself a biography and organise a photo shoot and have all that information up on the web for people to see in a flash and there is a raft of online services which will help youdo exactly that. Again, don't be put off by the thought that it's all just very technical. It's easy and everything has been designed to make the process pain-free as possible.

 One of the best ways to learn  how to promote your music online is to look at how acts that you like have promoted themselves using the web. You can pick up a lot of tips that way. The main thing is that you are creative and use the technology that is now available to your advantage. Who knows? You could be making cash and playing gigs before you know it.

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